Pasadena – November 2017

This is a short one. I was invited to give a talk at a regional microscopy society meeting, and was slotted on the short agenda before some guy from Caltech who was going to talk about astro-physics.  Not exactly microscopy, but I guess they invited him to speak since it was science-y and would be interesting to the audience.

Well, it turned out between the time the agenda was put together and the actual event, this “guy” Barry Barish just happened to win the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on developing the LIGO interferometer system and being one of the leaders of a team of people to capture the first ever detection of gravitational waves stemming from the merger of 2 black holes some zillion miles away and millions of years ago.  Not exactly a lightweight.

It’s not every day that you end up being the opening act for a freshly-crowned Nobel Laureate.