Stuttgart – November 2017

With a weekend to kill in the motherland, I took a Saturday afternoon excursion to Stuttgart.  One hour by train each way from Aalen, it was an easy trip to stop by the Mercedez Benz Museum as well as a detour through the city center before heading back home.


If you’re into cars, I would highly recommend it.  If you’re into museums, it’s also worth a look (for only a 10 euro entrance fee).  Unfortunately I’m not really into cars and really not into museums.  But hey you gotta do something, right? It beat sitting around Aalen all afternoon.


Things started off with some old-timey engines

And then some old-timey cars

If I had my choice of vehicles in that building, it might have been this bus….


There were also a bunch of race cars dating back to the early 1900’s


For when you’re a commando and then your retirement gig is driving a snow plow.


There were also a handful of celebrity-owned cars, including the pope-mobile:


And this dude who decided to spend his life driving around every continent.  I like this dude.


And then, of course, how could the celeb line-up be complete without the one and only Nicky Cage:


There were of course a few of the latest and greatest as well:



As in the case of any day out in Germany, things were rounded out with a Doner Kebap, and then stumbling across a crepe stand: