Yosemite – September 2017

We started the morning at Glacier Point with a view of the sunrise just south of Half Dome

Sierra Sunrise

On the drive back down the Glacier Point road, we made a quick stop at this meadow on the south side of the road.  Morning light, frost on the grass, and bright orange and green made for a nice images.  This photo has a B/W fade on the left side.

Morning Meadow

Another shot of the same meadow, with the B/W effect to bring out the orange grass.  It seemed appropriate since there were some wildfires burning nearby, and the bright orange grass almost gave off that effect

Burning Meadow

Once back down in the valley, and after the struggle to find parking, we had the chance to grab food and relax

Yosemite Valley from the Village

Fall Reflections and a View to Yosemite Falls

A Little Bit Jurassic Park-esque

Low Water in Fall

Walking Back Towards the Car in Mid-Afternoon

Quick Stop by the River for the View East Back Up the Valley

We then drove back up the Glacier Road in anticipation of sunset

Lingering Snow en Route to Taft Point

A Bizarre Contrast of Seasons